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Lisa June 26th, 2018

Update: Facebook Tagging is Back! v 7.6

Little by little, Facebook is letting tools like ours offer features we previously were able to offer you (and then weren't). We're so happy to see this trend and we hope you are too!


Tagging other pages in your Facebook page posts. It's back, y'all! Give props to other Facebook pages by typing the @ sign followed by the exact name of the page you want to tag.

Let me state this again: Facebook wants you to be mega-precise when you call out other pages. Say you want to mention the TV drama "Empire" in a post. You can no longer type "Emp" in your post and wait for a choice of page names to choose from.

Keep going.

And make sure you know the official name of the page. In this case, typing "Empire" will get you a record label in San Francisco, not the program on FOX.

With a wee bit of patience (and perhaps research), you'll be able to properly tag your posts.

There are some things worth typing a few more keystrokes for -- and Facebook tagging certainly is one of them.

Tagging users in your Facebook page comments. Yes, more tagging abilities! If a user has commented on one of your page posts or left a page/wall post, you can easily tag them by checking the box with their name above the reply field. EASY!

This is how it will look like on Facebook:

Easier social profile management. We wanted to make it even easier for customers with lots of profiles to group them in a way that made sense to them. Now you can add group names, drag and drop, and manage your social even quicker with better organization.


If you had a video post in your queue, it might have published at the assigned date/time as the next post in your queue. This is fixed so that you can continue to queue your video content and have your queue flow as intended.

If you had an in-app message saying that you'd been assigned content or a piece of content had failed, the clickthrough didn't lead you to the item in question. This is fixed so that you'll land exactly where you need to be.

Non-English characters were left out of saved searches in our listening tab. They're back -- so keep on creating unlimited saved searches for your Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube profiles.


"Call My Name" by Prince

"I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Real

"Video Killed The Radio Star" by Buggles

"Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads

Lisa June 20th, 2018

Update: Email Login and other Goodies (aka Release Note v7 June 20, 2018)

Ah, adding an email login. It seems so easy to implement -- when you're not a tech person. The process to offer this option proved to be unbelievably complex. But it was nothing that our nimble, dedicated development team couldn't handle. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Email Login Option

For those who prefer not to use Facebook Login to gain access to everything under the sun, we now offer the option of an email/password login. 

    Product Status and News Notifications

    In our ongoing effort to keep our customers as up-to-date as possible, we've now enabled two features in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

      You'll see a pulsing red dot when we have an important product status update to tell you...

      ... and a blue gift to alert you that a new product release note -- like this one here -- has been published.

      (You might notice a whole bunch of features with that drop down menu. Enjoy.)

      Want to subscribe to our product status updates? Click or tap on the "subscribe" button on our status page.

      Does this release note make you want to subscribe for future ones? πŸ™ Then click or tap the subscribe button on our release notes page.

      🐞 BUG FIXES🐞

      • When an admin tried to set an expiration date to content in an "unlimited times" requeue, the date was not saved. This is now fixed so that admins can set an end date to a recurring queue of content.
      • Scheduled Instagram posts using direct publishing were receiving an error message. The error has been fixed and posts are going out as scheduled.
      • If a user wanted to retry and publish content that had previously failed, the "duplicate" button didn't appear. It's there now -- feel free to finally share that content with the world.
      • And while this isn't a bug (or a feature), we want to mention the following: Facebook will no longer provide Insights for Facebook pages with fewer than 100 fans (this limit was previously 30 fans). This means there will be no more reports in Agorapulse for pages with fewer than 100 fans.


      "Identity" by X-Ray Spex

      "Message in a Bottle" by The Police

      "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus and Chaka Khan

      Lisa May 17th, 2018

      Update: Release v6.210: May 16, 2018

      🎁 FEATURES 🎁

      View images for Facebook visitor and brand mentions. 

          • For visitor posts on your Page (synced in your Inbox) and public posts mentioning your Page (in Listening), you can now view the image larger than a thumbnail (max dimensions 720x720px).

          Retrieve a list of your banned users on YouTube.  

            • On your Fans & Followers tab, you can now see a list of the YouTube users you've banned.

              Group your profiles easier with this redesigned panel. 

                • When you select "Manage this Menu," you'll be led to this panel to easily create, edit, delete, reorder, and rename the groups and profiles you see on the left navigation bar of your dashboard.

                  🐞 BUG FIXES🐞

                  Likes weren't showing up in the engagement graph on Instagram reports. They're back.

                  You weren't able to create separate searches for the same terms with different locations. You can now.

                  If you had items in the queue of an Instagram account and decided to enable direct publishing, the items would publish more than once. This no longer happens and the queued items work as intended.

                  If your Instagram token was lost, it wasn't detected. You are now alerted when this happens.

                  Ad comments synchronized with RTU were appearing in the inbox filter as comments and not ad comments. This is now fixed.

                  Upon publishing an item, you might have received a  β€œPlease retry your request later” message. You will no longer receive this message -- and your item will be published.

                  A good month for bug squashing. I'm excited about our latest YouTube feature -- more to come this year. πŸ€ž