Lisa February 11th, 2019

Update: More LinkedIn and Instagram Publishing Options (v8.18)


LinkedIn multiple photo publishing. You can now publish up to 10 photos per post to your LinkedIn profile or customer page. A few qualifications to be mindful of:

  1. Each image must be either a .PNG or .JPG
  2. Each image must be under 5MB
  3. The ideal aspect ratio is 1200 x 627

Go here to get more details on the aspect ratio of your images.

LinkedIn video publishing. You can now publish videos on LinkedIn business pages (not on personal profiles). .API, .MOV, .MPG or .MP4 files are allowed and should be no bigger than 200MB.

(A big month for publishing video here -- we launched Instagram video publishing two weeks ago.)

Instagram push notification per post. Some Instagram image posts are best scheduled directly to Instagram. Other image posts benefit from having a push notification. So now on each post, you’re given the option to choose whether you want to send an image post directly or via push notification. You can keep your default settings, but this per-post option easily allows you to make a one-off exception.

While most users choose direct publishing, push notifications allow users to:

  • crop an image
  • use Instagram filters
  • publish Story posts

If you select the push notification option, you can select which user on your team should receive the push notification for that post. This assignment can be changed until the push notification is sent.

Two items of note: It’s not possible to disable a push notification setting for a post after the notification has been sent. Also: this feature is not yet available for Instagram video posts or for multiple images.

Delete internal inbox PM/DM notes. Need to get rid of an internal note in a private conversation? Simply click on the 3-dot menu to the left of the note. You need not be the creator of the note to delete it. Admins, Editors and Moderators are allowed to delete notes. Guests do not have the ability to delete notes.

Improved display of hashtag searches. We’ve revamped our Instagram search so you can keep better track of Instagram’s new limitations. Instagram allows each profile to search up to 30 hashtags in a rolling 7 day period. Note that it’s 30 hashtags per business profile, regardless of where you conduct your searches. For example, if within a 7 day period, you search for 15 hashtags with us and 15 hashtags elsewhere, you’ll hit your 30 hashtag limit. There’s a lot to remember every 7 rolling days, so to help we now show:

  • How many hashtags you’ve used so far
  • Which hashtag searches you’ve created in Agorapulse
  • Which hashtag searches you’ve created with other 3rd party tools and/or which hashtag searches you’ve made (in Agorapulse or another tool) in the last 7 days (rolling period) but then later disabled. Such searches also count towards the 30 search limit.

Please note that you cannot add more than one hashtag per search.

Higher limits of followers per Instagram and Twitter profile. You may now add Twitter and Instagram profiles that have up to 1 million followers to your Agorapulse subscription. If you have profiles with more than 1 million followers, please ask our amazing support team to add them.


The Instagram content engagement number did not match the global engagement number in the reports. It’s now fixed.

+26 other fixes to make managing your social media even easier.

    Lisa January 28th, 2019

    Update: Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)

     🎁 FEATURES 🎁

    Instagram user tagging. It is now possible to tag users in your Instagram image posts! Once you upload your photo, simply click on the image and type the usernames of the public profiles you want to tag. You may tag up to 20 users per post.

    Three things to keep in mind when using this feature. 

    • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, there are no username suggestions when tagging a user on your Instagram posts. So be sure you know their usernames ahead of time.
    • Each profile you tag must be a public one. (The API doesn’t allow us to tag private profiles.) If you tag a private profile, the post will fail to publish. 
    • User tagging only works with photo posts. It doesn’t work with video posts.

    Subscription transfer functionality. It is now possible for organization Owners to transfer their subscription. A few notes about it:

    • Only the Owner can transfer a subscription.
    • The subscription can only be transferred to a Manager. If an organization only has an Owner and Members, the Owner will need to make one of the Members a Manager and then transfer the organization to that new Manager.
    • The subscription will be transferred right away. The Owner will instantly become a Manager and will no longer have the ability to manage their subscription.

    Removal of team and subscription tabs to members. Members of an organization no longer have access to Team and Subscription tabs in Organization settings. These privacy features benefit agencies and freelancers who don't want their clients to know who else is working under the organization or how much they pay for their Agorapulse subscription.


    Google+ deprecation. As Google announced here, the Google+ API will begin deprecating on January 28, 2019. To prepare for this, we have disabled the ability to add any new Google+ pages to Agorapulse. This week, publishing on Google+ profiles will be disabled in Agorapulse. Any posts that have already been queued or scheduled will be published through early March 2019.

    🐞BUG FIXES🐞   

    • It wasn’t possible to add Facebook groups for few days. It’s been fixed.
    • Some listening searches weren't working as expected (with a "no item retrieved" message). It’s been fixed.

    + approx 20 other glitches in this release to better serve you and your social media management.

    Lisa January 14th, 2019

    Update: Instagram Video Publishing and Easier to Use Settings (v8.9)

     🎁 FEATURES 🎁

    Instagram video publishing. You can now publish, schedule, or queue video to your Instagram feed through Agorapulse. The feature is available only if you have direct publishing enabled -- so double check your settings to see if you’re set up properly.

      Once you’re set with direct publishing enabled, be sure that your videos are:

        1. in either .MOV or .MP4 format
        2. no less than 3 seconds and no more than 60 seconds in duration
        3. Have an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 16:9

      (Those are the restrictions placed by the Instagram API.) Then you’re ready to roll!

      More details on publishing video to Instagram can be found here.

      Improved experience in connecting your ad accounts. To improve your experience with connecting your Facebook ad accounts to Agorapulse, we automatically detect and display the number of active ads on each ad account connected to each social profile.

        If you reach the limit of active ads allowed in your Agorapulse subscription, we’ll display a message to alert you.

        For example, if your plan allows for 300 active ads but you have 350 active ads, we’ll sync the most recent 300 ads.

        More intuitive display of social profiles. If you (as an owner or manager of your organization) haven’t edited the order of social profiles on the left hand side of your dashboard, we have a new default setting to make your experience smoother. Social profiles are sorted in this way:

        1. All social profiles are grouped according to their social network in alphabetical order -- Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
        2. All social profiles within that social network (say, Facebook) are displayed alphabetically.

        🚦FEATURE NOTE🚦 
        Instagram hashtag listening searches
        are now back after being temporarily disabled last month. Please note the following API restrictions on searching for hashtags with third party tools.

        • You can search up to 30 hashtags per rolling 7 day period.
        • User info won’t be included in the search results. You’ll have to click the date stamp of the post to go to Instagram and get the information.
        • You can’t reply or comment on posts found in searches. Again, you’ll have to click through to do that natively on Instagram.
        • We can’t retrieve Stories in hashtag searches.
        • Emojis in hashtag queries are not supported 😢

        More technical details on the API restrictions can be found here.

        Larger video sizes are now supported. We’ve raised the file size limit from 50mb to 100mb.

        🐞BUG FIXES🐞   

        1. When you replied to a user comment via private message (PM), and then you wanted to add a private note to that PM, it was not saved. Such notes are now saved.
        2. It wasn’t possible to reassign a scheduled item to a moderator for edits. This feature is back to improve your publishing workflow.

        +24 fixes to make your Agorapulse experience even better.

        Lisa December 14th, 2018

        Update: Instagram Management and Subscription Organization Changes (v8.0)

        🎁 FEATURES 🎁

        Instagram API Deprecation. Instagram now requires all third-party tools (like Agorapulse) to use the Facebook Graph API instead of the old, now deprecated Instagram API. Here’s what it means to you and your Agorapulse subscription:

        1. Agorapulse supports only Instagram business profiles. The platform no longer supports Instagram personal profiles. Not only can no new Instagram personal profiles be added to your Agorapulse subscription, but existing Instagram personal profiles on your Agorapulse subscription have been disconnected.

        If you’d like to use Agorapulse to help you manage a Instagram personal profile, you must convert it to a business profile.

        By doing so, you’ll be able to do things that were not allowed with personal profiles, like:

        • publish directly without the need for mobile push notifications
        • receive incoming comments into your Inbox in real-time
        • use inbox features such as threaded comments and hide/remove comments

        If you have already connected an Instagram business profile but have insufficient permissions, we will ask you to connect with your Instagram/Facebook account to renew or get all necessary permissions.

        For those with Instagram business profiles that have all the necessary permissions, you can continue to use Agorapulse without any extra actions. In other words, you’re all set. 🎉

        2. There is no longer a location listening search as the Instagram Graph API does not support this feature.

        3. Hashtag searches are temporarily disabled. We will soon be able to once again offer you Instagram hashtag search results in your listening tab. This time, however, the results will be in limited, view-only mode.

        In the meantime, don’t forget: the listening tab continues to collect username mentions of your business profile. It’s another great way to stay on top of important conversations about your brand.

        If you want more information about how the Instagram API deprecation impacts your use of Agorapulse, review the following resources:

        Agorapulse Team and Subscription Organization. We’ve developed a whole new structure of how teams and subscriptions are organized. 

        If you are part of an organization on Agorapulse, you are assigned one of the following three organizational roles:

        • owner
        • manager
        • member

        Although there is only one owner per organization, owners and managers have the ability to add social profiles and users to a subscription. This makes things easier for a team to add more profiles and users (v. the prior setup where the subscriber was the sole person allowed to make such additions).

        Each person in an organization is assigned one of the following four profile roles:

        • admin
        • editor
        • moderator
        • guest

        Managers are automatically admins of all the profiles in her/his organization.

        Members can be assigned to one of the above four profile roles -- depending on what access level managers think they need.

        Organizations also have standardized features for all of its members. For example, each person in an organization will have one standardized navigation bar.

        See this nav bar? Each person in the “KC” organization sees the same exact bar, with social profiles in the same order.

        To think more in terms of an organization and not by individual profiles, the ability to edit team settings now resides in just one place -- at the bottom of the left navigation bar.

        For more information on the organizational changes, check out our support article:

        🐞BUG FIXES 🐞

        Our URL publishing parser was converting “&” sign to “%26” code, which was breaking the URLs. This is fixed.

        In Content reports, some posts were shown twice. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

        It was previously impossible to add a Twitter profile whose username was not in standard UT8 encoding. You can add such profiles now.

        YouTube profiles in a organization were not showing up in the navigation menu. That issue is fixed.   

        + 17 fixes to make your Agorapulse experience even better.

        Lisa November 27th, 2018

        Update: Schedule Instagram Stories, Native LinkedIn Video, and More (v7.75)

        🎁 FEATURES 🎁

        Ability to publish or schedule Instagram Stories. Want to publish Instagram Stories using Agorapulse? Now you can! Here’s how to do this on your business profiles.

        First, make sure you’ve installed the Agorapulse mobile app on either your iOS or Android device.

        Then, go to the settings for your business profile on the desktop version of Agorapulse. Business profiles by default are set to direct publishing. If you want to publish stories, you’ll need to disable the direct publishing option in your profile settings.

        Prepare the post as you normally would on desktop. Select publish, queue, or schedule for that post. Upon receiving a push notification on your mobile device, go to the Agorapulse app to see the post. Tap on “Share on Instagram.”

        Simply tap “Story,” add any native Story effects you’d like, and publish it.

        Timezone and time are now accurate and easy to spot. If your social profile timezone (set in your profile settings) is different than your browser timezone, we’ll show you the profile time and timezone on the publishing calendar view.

        Take this example. I’m based in Paris but the setting for the Agorapulse Facebook Page is set for Chicago. See how Chicago’s time and timezone are shown here?

        🚦FEATURE NOTE🚦
        In anticipation of upcoming Instagram API restrictions for third-party tools, it’s no longer be possible to add personal profiles to your Agorapulse subscription. And on December 11, you will no longer be able to manage existing Instagram personal profiles on your subscription. The process to convert your personal profile to a business one is quite simple; we’ve provided instructions here.

        🐞BUG FIXES🐞  

        If users on your subscription work with different time zone settings,  the time display on the publishing calendar and and queueing didn’t display the same hour. It’s now fixed.

        If you publish a video post natively on LinkedIn, you’ll now see the post in your publishing calendar, the comments for that post in your Inbox, and the post counted in the “Published posts” section in your LinkedIn reports.

        +6 other bug fixes to make your social media management even easier.

          Lisa November 9th, 2018

          Update: A Change of View(s) (v7.70)

          This release improves the way you see your inbox, listening, and publishing content.  

          🎁 FEATURES 🎁

          Choose your date/time format. Make your publishing calendar work best for you. You can now choose either:

          • Sunday or Monday to start your week
          • 12-hour or 24-hour to indicate the time
          • mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy to indicate the date

          Whatever you choose in your settings is individual to you and your style. So if you live in the USA and adjust your settings to the US time/day options, this won’t affect your teammate in, say, France, who prefers the European way of indicating time/day.

          Thumbnail in Inbox and Listening. If an Inbox or Listening item contains a photo or video, we now display it as a thumbnail.

          We also completed 16 bug fixes to make your social media management even easier.


          Time of the Season” by The Zombies 

          Photograph” by Weezer 

          Lisa October 30th, 2018

          Update: All about Names and People Who Call You Names (v7.60)

          This release has features that will help you more easily name queue categories. You'll also gain greater insight into your publishing calendar and published items. Let's dig in.

          🎁 FEATURES 🎁

          Easier queue category management and naming. Our new queue category drop down gives you great options for better category management. You can now:

          • Set any queue category as "Default."
          • Rename any category (including the default category)

          • Delete any category (including the default category)

          Queue category exports. Know what else you can now do with queue categories? Export the text and external links of each tweet/post in a queue in a handy CSV file. Have a client who wants to see what you’ve queued but you don’t want them to have access to your account? Simply send them the CSV. The file is also a helpful way to share your queued content with teammates who have tool-phobia.

          Are you reading all this and wondering what Queue Categories are? They're a great way to organize your queued content and stick to your content strategy. Here's how some of our users set up their queue categories.

          Report comments as spam on YouTube. You now have the ability to report YouTube comments as spam. Unlike our "hide" function, this also sends YouTube information about the user who left spam on your video.

          New options to see published conversations. Our publishing modal now lets you see the stats and history of your published posts, comments, and messages.

          For details on your posts and comments, click on the "Details" button.

          You'll receive the stats on a post...

          ...and the thread and original post/tweet from a comment you published.

          To get context on a private messages, click "Open Conversation" ...

          ... and you'll get the history of the message with options to reply or assign the message to a teammate.

          🚦FEATURE NOTES🚦

          • If your Instagram business profile is connected to Agorapulse, you will now be allowed to write up to 2,200 characters in the comments. Personal profiles are still limited to 300 characters.
          • Dynamic Ads have been temporarily removed from the Agorapulse Inbox synchronization. We're working to improve the feature and deliver a much better user experience.

          🐞 BUG FIXES🐞  

          Twitter DMs were erroneously shown as published tweets in the publishing calendar. This has been fixed.

          ... +21 other bug fixes to make your social media management even easier.


          "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby

          "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings

          "In the Name of Love" by Thompson Twins

          Lisa October 12th, 2018

          Update: A Calendar to Top All Calendars (v.7.56)

          We've spent this past year building out our publishing capabilities -- from queue categories to Facebook Groups publishing. Then we thought, why not also improve the tabs that give you insight into all that you publish with Agorapulse? With that, we've improved the interface and experience of your publishing calendar and queue categories.

          🎁 FEATURES 🎁 

          Publishing calendar improvements. We've made our publishing calendar even easier to use. The colors more clearly tell you what content is scheduled, queued, published, and failed. To approve (by a team member) and assigned-to-me content is also highlighted in the calendar for each of your social profiles.

          For easier navigation, the filters + settings moved to the left-hand side. 

          Want more details on an item in your calendar? Simply click on it to see a preview.

          If you want to get more details on the post or edit it, click that "View" button to instantly get the editing modal for that piece of content.

          Need to schedule a piece of content for a particular day? It's easy to do on the calendar view. Hover over the day you want the post to go live and when you see the paper airplane icon, click it to begin composing your to-be-scheduled post or tweet.

          Our revised queue category tab now highlights which queued posts need to be reviewed by a teammate.

          And our To Approve section is now a scrollable page where you see the full content of what's to be approved by your team.

          🐞 BUG FIXES🐞

            • LinkedIn click and share counts were not shown in the published post detail view metrics. They appear now.
            • The open link to open a "reply in DM" message wasn't working. It is now.
            • Facebook doesn’t allow us to easily access Facebook users' profile URLs. Thus, in the user column of the inbox, we removed the non-working link to a user profile.

            + 10 other bug fixes to make your Agorapulse experience even easier.

            Lisa October 8th, 2018

            Update: I Can Do WHAT on LinkedIn? (v.7.49)

            Just when you thought you had enough to manage your LinkedIn pages and profiles on Agorapulse, we've added even MORE functionality.

            🎁 FEATURES 🎁 

            Downloadable LinkedIn reports. If you manage a company page on LinkedIn, you'll be able to get a one-click, downloadable PowerPoint deck of your page's stats.

            User tagging in LinkedIn inbox comments. You can now @mention someone who leaves a comment on one of your posts. This can be done simply by selecting the checkbox in your reply to that user. 

            This is what it will look like on LinkedIn. Neat, huh?

            Saved replies on LinkedIn. Saved replies are a great way to breeze through your inbox comments. If you use "canned responses" in email, you'll love the ease of this feature. Now available on LinkedIn (and is already available for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube inboxes.)

            LinkedIn Inbox Assistant. Want another way to quickly clear the items in your LinkedIn inbox? Why not set rules with Inbox Assistant to automatically review, assign, or delete items that come your way.

            Content labeling with Inbox Assistant. Whether you use Inbox Assistant to better manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn profiles, you can now set a rule to label your content for easy organization and retrieval later on.

            🚦FEATURE NOTE🚦

            1. The Facebook API doesn’t allow @mentions in groups. So say you want to multipublish to a Twitter profile and a Facebook group and want to include an @mention. The Twitter @mention will appear linked but the Facebook group mention will appear as plain text.

            🐞 BUG FIX🐞

            1. We didn’t sync comments under Facebook Recommendations due to recent Facebook API changes. It's fixed now.

            + 6 other bug fixes to make your Agorapulse experience even easier.

            Lisa October 1st, 2018

            Update: Facebook Groups Publishing Right in Your Dashboard (v.7.47)

            Happy October! An exciting week here at Agorapulse as we are pleased to launch a feature that has been our wishlist for a long time. (Might it have been on your wishlist too?)

            🎁 FEATURES 🎁

            Facebook Groups Publishing.
            All the great publishing and scheduling features you know and love for your Facebook page can now be applied to Facebook groups.

            Take advantage of the great features you're used to with Facebook Pages -- scheduling options like republishing (great for regularly sharing community guidelines) and queue categories to keep your content strategy on point.

            You can also publish images to a particular photo album to keep your visual content well organized.

            A couple things to keep in mind before you go to your dashboard and connect your Facebook group.

            *You must have admin rights to the group in order to publish. If you're not an admin, kindly ask an admin on your account to upgrade your role.

            *Please note the word "publishing" in the header. If you’d also like a Facebook Group inbox in the future, let us know on our feature request site.

            New login and team invitation pages. We’ve improved the design and functionality of some of our more popular pages for an easier experience getting started with Agorapulse. Here's our sign in page ...

            ... and our team invitation page.

            Managing anonymous users on Facebook Pages. We now allow you to see inbox and listening content from users who have told Facebook that they don’t want third-party tools knowing their identity.

            Managing anonymous users on LinkedIn pages and profiles. Continuing the “anon” thread, we now allow you to see inbox content from users who have told LinkedIn that they don’t want third-party tools knowing their identity. This content is now shown from “anonymous” users.

            🐞 BUG FIXES🐞

            • Some assigned posts were not appearing in the "Assigned to Me" tab. This is now fixed.
            • Images were not attached to comments in LinkedIn. They are now.
            • Some content reports had formatting issues. The issues have been resolved.
            • LinkedIn content reports had missing data for clicks and shares in the downloadable version. The data is there now. The number of reviewed items didn’t properly add up. It does now.
            • You can now reply in DM to a user who might not be following you (provided that this person has allowed Twitter to send then DMs from users that s/he isn’t following).

            + 9 other bug fixes to make your Agorapulse experience even easier.

            🎧THIS VERSION'S PLAYLIST🎧    

            We Are Family” by Sister Sledge 

            Strike It Up” by Black Box

            Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell